Do you like going shopping?

Answer: I’m crazy about shopping, no matter online or offline. It can bring me a sense of satisfaction and help me release the pressure from work. So, I always want to go shopping when I feel down.


Do you shop online?

Answer: Yes, absolutely. Actually, as a modern and young citizen, I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t shopped online. Amazon is making everything so convenient in our lives.


Does shopping take you a lot of time?

Answer: Not really. If compares it with the time I spend on social media every day, shopping time is really understandable. Moreover, shopping to me is a way to kill time when I feel bored.


What’s the best part about shopping?

Answer: For me, it’s the sense of satisfaction that I gain from purchasing things, no matter grocery shopping or buying clothes for myself. I can look around all the possibilities and make a choice. It feels like I’m the queen when I’m shopping.