How often do you eat with your family?

Answer: Well, it depends on where I am. If I am in town, I definitely prefer to have dinner with my family every single day because I have only little time with them during the day. But if I am on business trip, I absolutely have to eat with my clients or colleagues.

Do you like eating healthy food?

Answer: I really enjoy eating anything healthy, such as salad, fresh fruits and some non-fried food. I particularly like salad as my dinner on a regular basis, because it can help me keep fit and the process is extremely easy.

Do you eat out a lot?

Answer: Yes, I eat out quite frequently, nearly 3 or 4 times a week. Especially at weekends, my friends and I would like to try different cuisines, like Japanese sushi, which is my favourite.

Do you prefer eating at home or at a restaurant?  

Answer: Well, I prefer eating at a restaurant. Because they offer various kinds of foods, basically, I can choose whatever I like. And it’s really time-saving if I just need a quick meal. Particularly, when I have limited time for meal, it’s the best choice.