How often do you go on vacation?

Answer: I go on vacation twice every year. In July and August, my family go abroad together to relax ourselves after months of hard work. In winter, around February, I would go back to my hometown.

Do you want a long or short vacation?

Answer: I prefer a short vacation. Sometimes I get bored in summer vacation and find nothing to do in late August. Short vacation is better for relaxation and is easy to get back to work.

What was the most exciting thing you experienced in a trip?

Answer: When I was on vacation in Hawaii, I went scuba diving and saw various of fish and marine species, for instance, jelly fish, sea urchins, even clusters of sea cucumbers.

Tell me about your dream vacation.  

Answer: My dream vacation is going to the Great Britain with people I like. It doesn’t need to a long vacation – a few days would be sufficient. We can get up in late morning and have brunch in the cafe with great view. In the afternoon, we could spend some time doing sightseeing. I want to go to the aquarium, castles and theme parks.