Visiting Hometown

How often do you go back to your hometown?

Answer: Since I’m a college student, I go back to my hometown every summer and winter holiday. So, I go back twice a year. But if there’s some emergency happens at home, I’ll also go back.

How often do you visit your grandparents?

Answer: Well, that really depends. As my grandparents live in the rural area, every time I go to their place, the bus journey is two hours. And during my stay there, time is really limited, so the real circumstance is normally they come and see us at my home. I feel bad about that, I should go and visit them more often.

What do you bring as gifts when you go back for visits?

Answer: Normally that would be the local food and snacks from the place I currently live in. For other times, I also brought some souvenirs when I was just back from a trip. I think it’s a good tradition because it shows my love, respect and caring to my family.

Do you enjoy visiting friends more or families more?  

Answer: To be honest, I enjoy visiting my friends more. Cause they share common topics and interests with me, I never find it boring staying with them. Whereas as for my families, they may expound something mechanically to me and ask me to do it. I feel uncomfortable doing so, but on the other side, I love my family. So, it’s really a dilemma for me, every time when I visit them, I feel struggle inside.