Who do you trust most?

Answer: I trust my parents the most because they are the ones who will never hurt me and they love me much more than others. Also, their experiences in life and work make them able to provide sensible and suitable advice for me when I meet difficulties or when I have to make choices. And my parents are quite open-minded, so they tend to listen to my ideas and then give me suggestions. We get along with each other like friends. Therefore, my parents are the ones I trust most.

Have you ever lost trust in someone?

Answer: I think I haven’t, because I’m a person who doesn’t easily make promises to others. Naturally, people around me are very trust-worthy and reliable. It will be very annoying if one cannot keep their promise, and this is true to everyone.

What kind of people do you trust?

Answer: I will trust those people who are reliable and practical. In other words, whenever they promise one thing to me, they will do it quite well and the results will probably exceed my expectations.

Do you trust artificial intelligence?

Answer: Not totally. For some simple things, like getting tourist information, artificial intelligence is worth using. While for some complex ones, like giving suggestions for management decisions, I can hardly trust them.