How often do you wear jeans?

Answer: I don’t wear jeans very often because I think jeans are too casual for work. I only wear jeans at weekends for informal occasions.

Do you like wearing jeans?

Answer: I like wearing jeans because jeans are durable, especially Denim. Denim is typically thicker than regular pants and, if it is taken well care of, it can last for years.

Why are jeans popular?

Answer: Because that jeans are versatile and can be worn with casual and dressy casual outfits. In some companies, they can even be worn to work. Apart from that, jeans can also be dressed up with a nice shirt or sports jackets.

Will jeans be popular in the future?  

AnswerJeans have been worn for more than 100 years and are by far the most popular style. I believe jeans are time-tested and will be popular again in the future.