IELTS-G 14 Listening test 3 section 4

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Concerts in university arts festival

Concert 1

  • Australian composer: Liza Lim
  • studied piano and 31                                  before turning to composition 
  • performers and festivals around the world have given her a lot of commissions
  • compositions show a great deal of 32                        and are drawn from various cultural sources 
  • her music is very expressive and also 33                                  
  • festival will include her 34                                 called The Oresteia
  • Lim described the sounds in The Oresteia as 35                                  
  • British composers: Ralph Vaughan Williams, Frederick Delius

Concert 2

  • British composers: Benjamin Britten, Judith Weir
  • Australian composer: Ross Edwards
  • festival will include The Tower of Remoteness, inspired by nature
  • The Tower of Remoteness is performed by piano and 36                         
  • compositions include music for children
  • celebrates Australia’s cultural 37                                  

Concert 3

  • Australian composer: Carl Vine
  • played cornet then piano
  • studied 38                                   before studying music
  • worked in Sydney as a pianist and composer
  • became well known as composer of music for 39                                  
  • festival will include his music for the 1996 40                                  .
  • British composers: Edward Elgar, Thomas Ades


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