IELTS-G 14 Reading test 3 section 2 Questions 22-27

Read the text below and answer Questions 22-27.

International Experience Canada: application process

If you want to travel and work temporarily in Canada as part of International Experience Canada (IEC), your first step is to become a candidate in one or more IEC pools. There are three categories of pool: International Co-op (Internship), Working Holiday and Young Professionals.

To apply, first use our questionnaire to see if you meet the criteria to get into the IEC pools. This should take you about ten minutes. You can find it at asp. After completing this, if you are eligible you will be sent a personal reference code, which you should use to create your online account. At the same time, you should fill in any remaining fields in your profile with the required information, including which IEC pools you want to be in. (Some parts will already have been completed for you.)

If you are sent an invitation to proceed with your application, you will have 10 days to decide whether to accept this or not. If you accept, click the ‘Start Application’ button. You then have 20 days to complete your application.

For International Co-op and Young Professionals categories, your employer in Canada must pay the compliance fee and inform you of your offer of employment number. (This does not apply to the Working Holiday pool.)

Once you have received this, you should then upload copies of police and medical certificates, if required. If you do not have these, you should upload proof that you have applied for them. You should then pay your participation fee of C$126 online by credit card. (There is an additional payment of C$100 if you are applying for the Working Holiday category.)

Your application will then be assessed. You can apply to withdraw at this stage and will be given a refund if you do this within 56 days. If your application is successful,  you will receive a letter of introduction which you can show to Immigration when you enter Canada.

Questions 22-27

Complete the flow-chart below

Choose ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER ONLY from the text for each answer.

Write your answers in boxes 22-27 on your answer sheet.

Applying to International Experience Canada

Fill in the online 22                             to get a personal reference code.

Create your 23                              and provide the necessary information for the profile in your application.

If sent an invitation, you must accept this within 24                                    

You then have a limited time to 25                               the application.

Your 26                             is required to send you an offer of employment number.

Upload copies of any necessary certificates or proof of application.

Make the payment for participation online. You may receive a 27                               later if you change your mind.

If successful, you will receive a letter of introduction to be shown at Immigration.