IELTS-G 14 Reading test 3 section 1 Questions 8-14

Read the text below and answer Questions 8-14.


Music is wonderfully therapeutic! This is recognised by The Dosoco Foundation,which supports local projects that use music for social good.

The next round of Dosoco grant funding will shortly be open for applications. Grants are available from£700 to£1,000 (for organisations) and up to£300 (for individuals) in the areas of music education (e.g. working with a talented music student with either physical, social or learning disabilities), music access (e.g. a music club for groups that might struggle to start something on their own), music innovation (e.g. using an electronic device such as Raspberry Pi to help disabled people make music) and music therapy (e.g. an idea for using music to support positive mental health).

Case study

Dosoco recently awarded a grant to Alexia Sloane, a young composer with sight loss, to enable her to attend the sound-and-music summer-school composition course at the Purcell School. Alexia has since gained a place as a composer with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain – the first blind composer to be appointed – and has also been awarded the title of Young Composer of the Year.She was the first female composer ever to receive this honour in its ten-year history.

Organisations, families and individuals can apply by completing a simple form. Dosoco can contribute up to 50% towards project costs. Projects must be locally based and must be new ideas for using music to make a positive impact on people’s lives where help is really needed.

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