IELTS-G 14 Reading test 2 section 1 Questions 8-14

Read the text below and answer Questions 8-14.

Come and play walking football or walking netball

Walking football and netball have become increasingly popular in recent years, but do you know you can take part in this area? The names make it dear what they are – two of the country’s  favourite sports where,  instead  of running,  the players walk.  It’s  as simple as that.

Walking football was invented in the UK in 2011, but it was a 2014 TV commercial for a bank, showing it  providing financial support to someone who wanted to set up a website for the game, that brought it to people’s attention. Since then, tens of thousands of people – mostly, though not only, over the age of 50 – have started playing, and there are more than

800 walking football dubs. Both men and women play walking football, but at the moment the netball  teams consist only of women. However, men are beginning to show an interest in playing.

The two games are designed to help people to be active or get fit whatever their age and level of fitness. In particular, they were invented to encourage older men and women to get more exercise, and to give them a chance to meet other people.Regularly physical activity helps to maintain energy, strength and flexibility. You can start gently and do a little more each session. The benefits include lower heart rate and blood pressure, greater mobility, less fat and more muscle.

Many players have given up a sport – either through age or injury – and can now take it up again. They’re great ways for people to enjoy a sport they used to play and love, and keep 

active at the same time, though people who have played the standard game before are also very welcome.

The local council’s Active Lifestyles Team runs sessions at all the council’s leisure centres. Come alone or with a friend, and enjoy a friendly game on Monday or Saturday afternoons, or Tuesday or Thursday evenings. Each session costs£3 per person, and you don’t have to come regularly or at the same time each week. Our aim is to set up netball and football dubs as soon as there are enough  regular players.