IELTS-G 14 Listening test 2 section 3

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Questions 21-24

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Woolly mammoths on St Paul’s Island

21.How will Rosie and Martin introduce their presentation?

A with a drawing of woolly mammoths in their natural habitat

B with a timeline showing when woolly mammoths lived

C with a video clip about woolly mammoths

22.What was surprising about the mammoth tooth found by Russell Graham?

A It was still embedded in the mammoth’s jawbone.

B It was from an unknown species of mammoth.

C It was not as old as mammoth remains from elsewhere.

23.The students will use an animated diagram to demonstrate how the mammoths

A became isolated on the island.

B spread from the island to other areas.

C coexisted with other animals on the island.

24.According to Martin, what is unusual about the date of the mammoths ‘extinction on the island?

A how exact it is

B how early it is

C it was established

Questions 25-30
What action will the students take for each of the following sections of their
Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-H, next to Questions 25-30.


A make it more interactive
B reduce visual input
C add personal opinions
D contact one of the researchers
E make detailed notes
F find information online
G check timing
H organise the content more clearly

Sections of presentation
25 Introduction
26 Discovery of the mammoth tooth
27 Initial questions asked by the researchers
28 Further research carried out on the island
29 Findings and possible explanations
30 Relevance to the present day

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