IELTS-G 14 Listening test 4 section 3 Questions 21-30

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Questions 21-25

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21. What does Trevor find interesting about the purpose of children’s literature?

A the fact that authors may not realise what values they’re teaching

B the fact that literature can be entertaining and educational at the same time

C the fact that adults expect children to imitate characters in literature

22. Trevor says the module about the purpose of children’s literature made him

A analyse some of the stories that his niece reads.

B wonder how far popularity reflects good quality.

C decide to start writing some children’s stories.

23. Stephanie is interested in the Pictures module because

A she intends to become an illustrator.

B she can remember beautiful illustrations from her childhood.

C she believes illustrations are more important than words.

24. Trevor and Stephanie agree that comics

A are inferior to books.

B have the potential for being useful.

C discourage children from using their imagination.

25. With regard to books aimed at only boys or only girls, Trevor was surprised

A how long the distinction had gone unquestioned.

B how few books were aimed at both girls and boys.

C how many children enjoyed books intended for the opposite sex.

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