IELTS-G 13 Listening test 1 section 2

“Play” and listen the instruction of the test.

SECTION 2 Questions 1-20

Questions 11-13

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Traffic Changes in Granford

11.Why are changes needed to traffic systems in Granford?

A The number of traffic accidents has risen.

B The amount of traffic on the roads has increased.

C The types of vehicles on the roads have changed.

12.In a survey, local residents particularly complained about 

A dangerous driving by parents

B pollution from trucks and lorries. 

C inconvenience from parked cars.

13.According to the speaker, one problem with the new regulations will be 

A raising money to pay for them

B finding a way to make people follow them

C getting the support of the police

Questions 14-20

Label the map below.

Write the correct letter, A- I, next to Questions 14- 20.

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