IELTS-G 13 Listening test 1 section 3

“Play” and listen the instruction of the test.

Questions 21-25

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21.Why is Jack interested in investigating seed germination?

A He may do a module on a related topic later on.

B He wants to have a career in plant science.

C He is thinking of choosing this topic for his dissertation.

22.Jack and Emma agree the main advantage of their present experiment is that it can be

A described very easily.

B carried out inside the laboratory. 

C completed in the time available.

23.What do they decide to check with their tutor? 

A whether their aim is appropriate

B whether anyone else has chosen this topic

C whether the assignment contributes to their final grade 

24.They agree that Graves’ book on seed germination is disappointing 


A it fails to cover recent advances in seed science.

B the content is irrelevant for them. 

C its focus is very theoretical.

25.What does Jack say about the article on seed germination by Lee Hall? 

A The diagrams of plant development are useful.

B The analysis of seed germination statistics is thorough.

C The findings on seed germination after fires are surprising.

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