IELTS-G 14 Reading test 1 section 1 7-14

Read the text below and answer Questions 7-14.


If you want a small bag with wheels that you can take onto the plane with you, there’s a wide choice. Here are some of the best.

  1. The Flyer 83 is an ultra-lightweight cabin bag which  can  withstand  some  pretty harsh treatment. Its nylon  and  polyester sides  won’t  rip or  burst  open  if it’s dropped or thrown whilst in transit.  However,  the  trolley  handle  feels quite  thin and flimsy. The top carrying handle  is hard  and  flat, and  the  side  handle  isn’t easy to grip.
  • The Lightglide has two external pockets, both of which are zipped and  lockable, but the inside pocket does not zip. In tests, we found the  contents  remain  dry when given a good soaking, even around the zips. The trolley handle  has a choice of two heights and the plastic  hand  grip doesn’t  have  any sharp  ridges that’ ll make your hands sore. For carrying there are fabric handles at the top and side.
  • The Foxton is easy to control across  most surfaces.  However,  the  zips don’t always run smoothly especially around the corners, so you  may  have  to  give  them  a good tug, especially if the case is very full. This is definitely one to avoid if you’re going somewhere rainy as it lets  loads  of  water  in,  and  documents  in  the  pockets  will also get pretty wet unless they’re in plastic folders.
  • The Skybag has a single external zipped pocket and another located inside the lid. Your clothes are kept in place by two adjustable straps. The zips are easy to grip and they run smoothly around the case. However, this cabin bag felt a little heavy to pull on all but smooth floors, and it was hard to steer compared with some of the other suitcases.
  • The Travelsure 35 is available in a huge range of fabric designs including leopard print or lipstick kisses. The retractable trolley handle is comfortable but can’t be adjusted to suit users of different heights. There’s no internal divider, but there are two handy zipped pockets in the lid. We test each bag by letting it fall onto a hard floor – and our results show that you’ll have to treat this bag with great care if you want it to last. The fabric tore so badly at one of the corners that it was unusable.

Questions 7-14

The  text  on  this page  has  five  paragraphs,  A-E. Which  paragraph  mentions  the  following?

Write the correct letter, A-E, in boxes 7-14 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.