IELTS-G 13 Listening test 4 section 3

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Questions 21-26

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Labels giving nutritional information on food packaging

21. What was Jack’s attitude to nutritional food labels before this project?

A He didn’t read everything on them.

B He didn’t think they were   important.

C He thought they were too complicated.

22. Alice says that before doing this project,

A she was unaware of what certain foods contained .

B she was too lazy to read food labels.

C she was only interested in the number of calories.

23. When discussing supermarket brands of pizza, Jack agrees with Alice that

A the list of ingredients is shocking.

B he will hesitate before buying pizza again.

C the nutritional label is misleading.

24. Jack prefers the daily value system to other labelling systems because it is   

A more accessible.

B more logical.

C more comprehensive.

25. What surprised both students about one flavour of crisps?

A The percentage of artificial additives given was incorrect.

B The products did not contain any meat.

C The labels did not list all the ingredients.

26. What do the students think about research into the impact of nutritional food labelling?

A It did not produce clear results. 

B It focused on the wrong people.

C It made unrealistic recommendations.

Questions 27 and 28 Choose TWO letters, A- E.

Which TWO things surprised the students about the traffic-light system for nutritional labels?

A  its widespread use

B  the fact that it is voluntary for supermarkets

C  how little research was done before its introduction

D  its unpopularity with food manufacturers

E  the way that certain colours are used

Questions 29 and 30 Choose TWO letters, A- E.

Which TWO things are true about the participants in the study on the traffic-light system?

A  They had low literacy levels.

B  They were regular consumers of packaged food.

 They were selected randomly.

D  They were from all socio-economic groups.

E  They were interviewed face-to-face.

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