IELTS-G 13 Listening test 2 section 3

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SECTION 3 Questions 21-30

Questions 21-25

Choose the correct letter, A , B or C.

Planning a presentation on  nanotechnology

21. Russ says that his difficulty in planning the presentation is due to 

A his lack of knowledge about the topic.

B his uncertainty about what he should try to achieve. 

C the short time that he has for preparation.

22. Russ and his tutor agree that his approach in the presentation will be 

A to concentrate on how nanotechnology is used in one field.

B to follow the chronological development of nanotechnology. 

C to show the range of applications of nanotechnology

23. In connection with slides, the tutor advises Russ to

A talk about things that he can find slides to illustrate. 

B look for slides to illustrate the points he makes.

C consider omitting slides altogether.

24. They both agree that the best way for Russ to start his presentation is 

A to encourage the audience to talk.

B to explain what Russ intends to do. 

C to provide an example.

25. What does the tutor advise Russ to do next while preparing his presentation?

 A summarise the main point he wants to make

B read the notes he has already made

C list the topics he wants to cover

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