Authentic Speaking Test Section 1-01

IELTS Speaking Part One歷屆真題

14-Speaking-1-Section 1:

What’s your favorite subject/course? Do you think people who major in your field can find a job easily when they graduate? Did your parents choose a secondary school for you?
What are your goals for the future?

My favorite subject is college English coz you know English abilities give you a
competitive edge and improve your chances of employment. Besides, I will travel the
world with few language barriers if I can speak good English。But it is well known to all that
learning a foreign language takes time and energy.
My favorite course is music coz you know the history of music is the history of human
society. There are many famous musicians who often play a key role on the development
of our community, such as Beethoven ['bei,təuvən] and Chopin ['tpin]. Besides, classical
music can always calm me down. Listening classical music is one of my favorite leisure
You know, I major in civil engineering and I think people who major in your field can
find a job easily, because civil engineering is really a promising field. When I graduated
from my school, I found there are a lot of chances of employment which are about civil
engineering. Furthermore, most civil engineers always receive a relatively higher social
status and good payment. But it is no easy to be a civil engineer, because being a civil
engineer requires more schooling and higher degree.
No, they didn’t. But they actually gave me many good advices about choosing a
secondary school. I should really thank my parents for this.
☆ What’s your hometown famous for? Is it good for young people?