IELTS speaking Q&A Part 1


Answer: I am not a big fan of sunshine. Sunshine gives me sunburn easily and it might cause skin cancer.

Answer: I would put on a lot of sunscreen if I am going out. I usually try to stay indoors on sunny days, and chill out in the AC room.

Answer: Yes. I always use sunscreen on sunny days, especially when I’m on holiday.


Answer: I prefer short hair because it is easy to handle. I've kept short hair style for almost five years.

Answer: I go to the hairdresser's once a month. If my schedule doesn’t allow, then I will go every two months.

Answer: It usually costs me 200 dollars. It’s not too pricey at all. Those high-end hair salons charge a lot more.

Answer: I rarely change my hairstyle. I only change it once every year. I enjoy starting a new year with something refreshing.