9. I have … / I’ve got …

你可以說I have或I’ve got,he has或he’s got等:

I’ve got a headache.

I have blue eyes. 或 I’ve got blue eyes.

Tim has two sisters.或Tim has got two sisters.

Our car has four doors. 或 Our car has got four doors.

Sarah isn’t feeling well. She has a headache.或She’s got a headache.

They like animals. They have a horse, three dogs and six cats. 或 They’ve got a horse ….

B. I have’t got / have you got? 等




I’ve got a motorbike, but I haven’t got a car.

Tracey and Jeff haven’t got any children.

It’s a nice house, but it hasn’t got a garden.

Have you got a camera?’ No, I haven’t.

What have you got in your bag? Nothing. It’s empty.

Has Helen got a car? Yes, she has.

What kind of car has she got?

C. I don’t have / do you have? 等


They don’t have any children. (= They haven’t got any children.)

It’s a nice house, but it doesn’t have a garden. (= it hasn’t got a garden)

Does Helen have a car? (= Has Helen got a car?)

What do you have in your bag? (= What have you got in your bag?)