6. I don’t… (一般現在時的否定式 )

I don’t… (一般現在時的否定式 )


No, thanks. I don’t drink coffee.

She doesn’t drink coffee.

He doesn’t like his job.

I don’t like my job.

He doesn’t like his job.

肯定式 過去式

I drink coffee, but I don’t drink tea.

Sue drinks tea, but she doesn’t drink coffee.

You don’t work very hard.

We don’t watch television very often.

The weather is usually nice. It doesn’t rain very often.

Gary and Nicole don’t know many people.

C. 記住

I / we / you / they     don’t

He / she / it          doesn’t

I don’t like football.

He doesn’t like football.

I don’t like Fred and Fred doesn’t like me. (而不用Fred don’t like)

My car doesn’t use much petrol. (而不用My car don’t use)

Sometimes he is late, but it doesn’t happen very often.

C. 要用don’t/ doesn’t +動詞原形 (don’t like / doesn’t speak/ doesn’t do等,而不用其他形式)

I don’t like washing the car. I don’t do it very often.

Sarah speaks Spanish, but she doesn’t speak Italian. (而不用doesn’t speaks)

Bill doesn’t do his job very well. (而不用Bill doesn’t his job)

Paula doesn’t usually have breakfast. (而 不用doesn’t … has)