4. are you doing? (現在進行時的疑問式)

肯定式 & 疑問式

Are you feeling OK?

Yes, I’m fine, thanks.

Is it raining?   Yes, take an umbrella.

Why are you wearing a coat?    It’s not cold.

What’s Paul doing?    He’s reading the newspaper.

What are the children doing?    They’re watching television.

Look, there’s Emily!     Where’s she going?

Who are you waiting for?     Are you waiting for Sue?


is/ are + 主語 + -ing

C. 簡略答語

Are you going now?   Yes, I am.

Is Paul working today?   Yes, he is.

Is it raining?

No, it isn’t.

Are your friends staying at a hotel?   No, they aren’t. They ‘re staying with me.