12. I didn’t ….. / Did you (一般過去時的否定式與疑問式)


動詞原型 / 肯定式

否定式 / 疑問式

B. do/does (現在),  did (過去):

I don’t watch television very often.

I didn’t watch television yesterday.

Does she often go away?

Did she go away last week?

C. 要用did/didn’t +動詞原形(watch/play/go等):

I watched 但用I didn’t watch (而不用I didn’t watched)

They went did they go? (而不用did they went?)

he had  /  didn’t have

you did    / did you do?

I played tennis yesterday, but I didn’t win.

Did you do the shopping?      No, I didn’t have time.

We went to the cinema, but we didn’t enjoy the film.

D. 請看一般過去時疑問式的詞序:

E. 簡略答語

Did you see Joe yesterday?

No, I didn’t.

Did it rain on Sunday? Yes, it did.

Did Helen come to the party?

No, she didn’t.

Did your parents have a good holiday? Yes, they did.