10. Was / were

Now Robert is at work.

At midnight last night

he wasn’t at work.

He was in bed.

He was asleep.

am/is (現在)→was (過去):

I am tired (now).

I was tired last night.

Where is Kate (now)?

Where was Kate yesterday?

The weather is good today.

The weather was good last week.

Are (現在) → were (過去):

You are late (now).

You were late yesterday.

They aren’t here (now).

They weren’t here last Sunday.





Last year Rachel was 22, so she is 23 now.

When I was a child, I was afraid of dogs.

We were hungry after the journey, but we weren’t tired.

The hotel was comfortable, but it wasn’t expensive.

Was the weather nice when you were on holiday?

Your shoes are nice. Were they expensive?

Why were you late this morning?

C. 簡略答語

Were you late?

No, I wasn’t.

Was Ted at work yesterday? Yes, he was.

Were Sue and Steve at the party?

No, they weren’t.