16. I’ve just….. / I’ve already….. / I haven’t…… yet (現在完成時2)

A. I’ve just…

just表示 剛才:

  • A: Are Diane and Paul here?
  • B: Yes, they’ve just arrived.
  • A: Are you hungry?
  • B: No, I’ve just had dinner.
  • A: Is Tom here?
  • B: No, I’m afraid he’s just gone. (= he has just gone)

B. I’ve already ….

already表示: 已經 (在你/我預料到之前):

  • A: What time are Diane and Paul coming?
  • B: They’ve already arrived. (= before you expected)
  • It’s only 9 o’clock and Anna has already gone to bed. (= before I expected)
  • A: Jon, this is Emma.
  • B: Yes, I know. We’ve already met.

C. I haven’t … yet / Have you …. yet?



yet用於否定句中(I haven’t … yet):

  • A: Are Diane and Paul here?
  • B: No, they haven’t arrived yet.
  • (但B期望戴安娜與保羅很快到達)
  • Silvia has bought a new dress, but she hasn’t worn it yet.
  • A: Does James know that you’ re going away?
  • B: No, I haven’t told him yet.
  • (但B很快就會告訴他)

yet用於疑問句中(Have you … yet?):

  • A: Have Diane and Paul arrived yet?
  • B: No, not yet. We’re still waiting for them.
  • A: Has Nicole started her new job yet?
  • B: No, she starts next week.
  • A: This is my new dress.
  • B: Oh, it’s nice. Have you worn it yet?