3. I am doing (現在進行時) Copy

She’s eating.

She isn’t reading.

It’s raining.

The sun isn’t shining.

They’re running.

They aren’t walking.


am/is/are + doing/ eating/ running/writing等

I’m working. I’m not watching TV.

Maria is reading a newspaper.

She isn’t eating. (或 She’s not eating.)

The phone is ringing.

We’re having dinner.

You’re not listening to me. (或You aren’t listening …)

The children are doing their homework.

B. am/is/are + -ing 表示 “现在正在发生某事”

I’m working

she’s wearing a hat

they’ re playing football

I’m not watching television

Come, coming

Write, writing

Dance, dancing

Run, running

Sit, sitting

Swim, swimming

Lie, lying